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Setting the benchmark in corporate integrity

Notable reports

Some of the leading reportage in corporate governance

Dell 2013 Corporate Responsibility Summary Report

Dell outlines its multidimensional commitment to the environment, the community and to people, and elaborates on its outstanding achievements in the way of corporate social responsibility thus far this year.

Sony Annual Report, 2013

Sony’s integrated report contains the company’s business and CSR highlights, and is highly representative of Sony’s commitment to strong corporate governance as an integral management initiative.

ABI, Improving Corporate Governance and Shareholder Engagement

ABI’s report considers a range of roles and responsibilities within governance and offers a comprehensive and critical overview of the overall state and approach to corporate governance in the UK.

Corporate Governance Report’s pick of 2012’s reporting

BAE Systems Annual Report 2012

The aerospace and security company outlines its commitment to sustainable growth and total performance in an integrated annual report that touches on matters pertaining to both finance and governance.

UPS 2012 Sustainability Report

Assured by Deloitte and granted an A+ Application Level by the Global Reporting Initiative, UPS’s report addresses a great many achievements and challenges in the way of sustainability and outlines the ways in which the company has capitalised on these opportunities.

Lockheed Martin 2012 Sustainability Report

The 2012 report focuses on the company’s three-pronged strategy on protecting the environment, strengthening communities and fostering responsible growth, and provides relevant environmental, social and governance data to best illustrate progress.

Walmart 2013 Global Responsibility Report

The report reflects on the company’s notable corporate social, environmental and  responsibility achievements throughout fiscal year 2013 and outlines a number of opportunities for the near future of sustainable progress.

Unilever Sustainable Living Plan Progress Report 2012

A comprehensive account outlining the company’s ambitions for the future. Offering an insight into the constitution of the global economy; the report identifies the areas in which positive change is achievable.

Johnson Controls 2012 Business and Sustainability Report

The report pledges to exceed already skyward expectations and outlines optimistic expectations for the sustained financial health of the company. Above all else, the document expresses a wholehearted commitment to a growing customer base.

Centrica’s 2012 Corporate Responsibility Performance Report

Centrica’s 2012 report represents a deep-set ambition to evolve with the changing landscape of the energy sector, identifying affordability and sustainability as key drivers to their continued progress.

GSK’s 2012 Corporate Responsibility Report

Dedicated to advancing the quality of human life “by enabling people to do more, feel better and live longer,” the report details the ways in which Centrica are striving to maintain a wholly responsible and sustainable business model.

Nestlé in Society: Creating Shared Value and meeting our commitments

Focusing primarily on creating shared value, sustainability and compliance, Nestle have summarised their many and various achievements throughout 2012 in a comprehensive and transparent report.

SAP’s Integrated Report 2012

The integrated report outlines the company’s financial, social, and environmental performance. Maintaining a continued commitment to sustainability and innovation, SAP pledge to “help the world run better and improve people’s lives.”

Symantec Corporation’s 2012 Corporate Responsibility Report

Expressing an ardent and persistent commitment to corporate responsibility, Symantec outline the ways in which they’ve upheld their core values of innovation, action, customer-centricity and trust throughout 2012.

JP Morgan Chase & Co Corporate Responsibility Report 2012

Designed to inform stakeholders of the company’s ongoing corporate responsibility programmes and general progress, JP Morgan’s report outlines the ways in which the company operates responsibly and how the practice adds value accordingly.



Notable reports

Some of the leading reportage in corporate governance

Wal-Mart review compliance amidst bribery allegations in Mexico

Following bribery allegations that cost the company over $157m, retail giant reviews compliance operations

A new model for financial reportage

A widely accepted problem of financial disclosure and reportage is that no two institutions use the same methods

Moody’s appoints new head of internal audits

New vice president of internal audit will be in charge of corporate governance, risk management and internal control processes

Community spirit

Research has shown that companies giving back to the communities in which they work tend to enjoy better long-term results

Italian banks to “change corporate governance”

Banks with more out-dated corporate governance structures were hit hardest by crisis, according to Fitch statement

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Japanese companies urged to reconfigure governance

A recent survey has indicated that investors are dissatisfied with the current system of governance commonly undertaken by Japanese companies, many urging for more comply-or-explain systems equivalent to that of EU-based companies

Hedge fund group sues Cayman Islands over corporate governance reform

As local authorities strive to make hedge funds based in the islands more transparent, some mangers object

Deutsche ordered to improve internal controls

Imminent order by German regulator is likely to lead to Deutsche Bank reaching a settlement over Libor scandal

Just how flexible is the UK employment market?

Government declares that “firms have a duty to hire Britons” but what are the implications for employers?

Poor governance: a tax on Russia’s innovative companies

Recent reports reveal the extent to which investment is hindered by poor governance in Russia, and outlines the ways in which it can be combated

ASEAN governance framework established

The results of the first-ever ASEAN Corporate Governance Scorecard have been released, in an effort to establish greater international visibility