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Motorola announces support for 30 Asia-Pacific education initiatives

The Motorola Solutions Foundation Grants will affect 79,000 individuals

Over the past three years the Motorola Solution Foundation has awarded over 50 grants in 12 countries in the Asia-Pacific region. The charitable arm of the multinational corporation aims at promoting educational and community-building projects in the areas in which it operates.

The grants are part of Motorola’s CSR programme, and fund projects in Australia, China, Honk Kong, India, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Taiwan and Thailand. “The Motorola Solutions Foundation supports educational and charitable initiatives that make communities safer or inspire students to enter careers in engineering or technology,” explains Matt Blakely, Director of the Motorola Solutions Foundation. “We are proud to partner with these organisations that will to positively impact the communities where our employees live and work.”

In India, the grants will support engineering internships for the Foundation for Advancement of Education and Research. Students from disadvantaged backgrounds will be able to undertake a one-month internship at a number of top-level engineering institutes to gain vital work experience before entering the job market.

Motorola’s aim is to empower local communities in the region. In Sri Lanka, the grant will fund the Inter University Enterprise Mobility Development competition where local undergraduate students will gain experience in mobile application developments. All of Motorola’s initiatives’ foster the educational development of the local workforce, bringing development to the region.

Many multinational corporations have similar programmes to Motorola’s. Modern notions of CSR encourage big companies to give back to the communities where they operate. Educational and community building programmes are often the CSR projects for a number of companies. “A plethora of research points to a majority of stakeholders agreeing that CSR is a ‘must do’,” says Kristian Darigan Merenda, Edelman’s senior vice president of brand and corporate citizenship.

ImpaktCorp, a Toronto-based advisory services firm that helps large companies align business and social outcomes, has carried out research that revealed corporations that are regarded as leaders in terms of business performance all tend to assume similar CSR strategies. “We found five interrelated criteria that form a new blueprint for how corporations can maximise their investments in CSR: business-based social purpose, clear theory of change, quality and depth of information, concentrated effort, and partnering with experts,” explains Paul Klein, the founder of ImpaktCorp.

For Mohammad Akhtar, senior vice president of Motorola in Asia Pacific and the Middle East, their own approach to CSR, particularly their education projects is much more straight forward. “The Foundation provides funding to support programs that expand awareness and engagement in communities,” he says. “The Motorola Solutions Foundation grants enable people to live their lives in a more connected and meaningful way.”



Hedge fund group sues Cayman Islands over corporate governance reform

As local authorities strive to make hedge funds based in the islands more transparent, some mangers object

A self-governing model

Sime Darby’s self-governing model allows it to stay focused and nimble

Eurosif report calls for better ESG engagement

Eurosif release a report that highlights benefits of better shareholder engagement over ESG policies

EADS says shareholders to get higher dividends in future

Airbus owner signals change in strategy that may benefit shareholders

Poor governance: a tax on Russia’s innovative companies

Recent reports reveal the extent to which investment is hindered by poor governance in Russia, and outlines the ways in which it can be combated

OXY’s chairman ousted by shareholders

The oil and gas company is to have undergone a recent change of personnel, the chairman herein being forcibly made to step aside by activist shareholders

Court rules “unenforceable” arbitration

US courts find arbitration agreements signed by employees are ‘unconscionable’

Shareholders sue CEO after Walgreens is slapped with $80m DEA fine

The largest drug retailer in the US has hit back at its board members. Chairman James Skinner and CEO Gregory Wasson have been sued by shareholders who blame them for exercising poor corporate oversight regarding the distribution of prescription painkillers like Oxycodone

ASEAN governance framework established

The results of the first-ever ASEAN Corporate Governance Scorecard have been released, in an effort to establish greater international visibility

RBS shareholders file suit against bank and former directors

RBS shareholders have launched a class-action suit over the 2008 rights offering a few months before the bank was bailed out by British government

Should defined contributions be re-distributed?

Both the OECD and the House of Lords have criticised the now widely-used defined contributions plan for not accommodating adequate savings unless employees are high earners

Reducing annual report clutter

The presence of clutter in an annual report actively detracts from its usefulness to both shareholder and investor alike

Community spirit

Research has shown that companies giving back to the communities in which they work tend to enjoy better long-term results

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