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About the awards

The Corporate Governance Report Awards celebrates leaders and innovators in financial reportage, transparency and shareholder relations. We identify those organisations setting the standard in internal …

The Corporate Governance Report Awards celebrates leaders and innovators in financial reportage, transparency and shareholder relations. We identify those organisations setting the standard in internal controls and objectives as well as those exhibiting a thoughtful and progressive attitude toward stakeholder interest. Environmental awareness, ethical behaviour and disclosure serve as the cornerstones of the awards.

Voting is invited from users of the site across the globe – as well as being requested via email and social media engagement to the publication’s 100,000-strong audience.

Our awards panel, headed up by Corporate Governance Report editor Michael McCaw, then reviews the batch of highest-nominated companies and, after a series of vigorous, sometimes heated and always passionate discussions, arrives at a shortlist for each category. Shortlisted companies will then be asked to supply additional supporting information to help the panel make its final decision.

Voting will close on each category a number of weeks before it is announced on the site. Categories will be announced throughout the year and all winners will feature in a special supplement at the end of the year available in print, online and on mobile.

The panel is always wary to avoid bias towards criteria such size of company, international links and reputation, which in so many other industry awards skews the competition in favour of larger companies with global networks, leaving the excellent work of smaller, nationally based organisations and those operating in niche areas, unrecognised. These awards are designed to redress this balance, not to favour the smaller players, but to publicly recognise that the services and products they provide are every bit as valuable as those of their larger counterparts.

To have your say please fill out the nominee details below, giving reasons for your vote in the appropriate box.



A self-governing model

Sime Darby’s self-governing model allows it to stay focused and nimble

Investors want sustainable reports to be more transparent

Survey finds that a vast majority of investors in Europe find sustainable reporting essential to their investment decisions

Gulf Keystone Petroleum clash with top investor over structure demands

City investor M&G has ruffled feathers at Gulf Keystone after telling the oil company it needs to appoint non-executive directors to its board

ASIC pushes ahead with annual report reforms

Australian regulator demands more information on strategy from public companies in their annual financial statements

Carl Icahn gives Apple a boost

Apple’s market value rose by an estimated $17bn after billionaire investor Carl Icahn tweeted his support for the company. Shares have since hit a seven-month high

Churchill Mining grants 5.4 million share options

Following what many have perceived to be detrimental legal altercations through the past year, the London-listed mining company has since granted new share options to many of its employees

Japanese companies urged to reconfigure governance

A recent survey has indicated that investors are dissatisfied with the current system of governance commonly undertaken by Japanese companies, many urging for more comply-or-explain systems equivalent to that of EU-based companies

EU outlines new disclosure guidelines for extractive industries

Newly introduced laws are to ensure resource-rich nations are less so made subjects of exploitation, requiring for a much greater extent of transparency among extractive industries

UAE discusses role of CSR in sustainable development

Philanthropy and sustainability debated at forum arranged by UAE’s University Leadership Council

Australian government launches mining probe

Australia’s securities regulator is set to launch a probe of the country’s biggest mining companies in a bid to crack down on selective briefings

Hedge fund group sues Cayman Islands over corporate governance reform

As local authorities strive to make hedge funds based in the islands more transparent, some mangers object

Commission propose fundamental changes to German Corporate Governance

The Government Commission for the German Corporate Code has, in February of this year, proposed a series of changes it believes will greatly improve the current upholding of corporate governance

Mandatory auditor rotation unnecessary, says Canadian business institute

Calls to make rotation of auditing firm’s compulsory are rejected by Canada’s Institute of Corporate Directors

Health audit ceases force’s IT system

Surrey Police forced to abandon failed multi-million pound computer system